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And on the subject of complete assholes...

...we present Tommy Humphreys' version of Lavache, Allan Barry.
  • Not a geologist
  • Not an an engineer.
  • Not a lawyer.
  • Zero financial qualifications (and when flappin' his dumbass lips on obviously doesn't have a clue about how to "do all that hard math stuff").
  • An idiot squared about community relations.
  • Wouldn't know whether to eat a piece of lithium or stick it up his overweight self-indulgent ass.
  • Doesn't speak a word of Spanish outside of "por favor", "gracias" and "cerveza".
And wants to be taken seriously by the market as CEO of a lithium exploreco in Mexico!

Only in Canada are total clowns like this as company heads even remotely possible, let alone taken seriously. Run along little boy, you're out of your league.

Dear "Olyeller"

A special message for you, Olyeller:

After picking up a tip from a Goldtent regular (who will remain nameless but clearly no fan of yours) I timed myself and, thanks to said tip, it took me exactly 14 minutes to find out your real name, your address, your e-mail address, just about everything I need to know. It was really rather easy.

Statement of fact: On January 17th you willfully and maliciously decided to publish 100% false and libelous statements about me. This is absolutely provable and I will not hesitate to clear my name in a court of law, if necessary. I'm sick and tired of assholes like you, consider yourself the one that broke this camel's back.

But I'm going to be nice to you, you blowhard lying dickhead piece of crud. If you decide to write in to the usual address with a full retraction I will happily publish it on this blog under your handle "Olyeller", neither your real name nor any of your personal information will be revealed and that will be the end of the matter. I think this offer is more than fair. However, if you choose to ignore this fair warning I will publish everything about you including your full name and address here on the blog (and it's read by far more people than you can even imagine, your name will be mud forever) and once done I will begin legal action against you to clear my good name. The big difference between your unfounded libel and the stupid legal actions that idiot scamsters such as Porter Stansberry bring against me is that I have never been successfully prosecuted and that's because this blog tells the truth. On the other hand, you are clearly an out and out liar and will pay full consequences, including significant monetary damages, unless you retract your statements with a full apology. Are we crystal clear?

Therefore, Olyeller, you have five days, i.e. until midnight Tuesday January 24th, you lying piece of shit.

Lots of love, Otto

Market timing the Lobito way, Continental Gold ( edition

Back on January 18th 2016, Louis Lobito Little Wolf James of Casey Research (part of the nefarious empire of proven securities fraudster Porter Stansberry) called "Sell" on Continental Gold ( after holding it for a couple of years.

Yesterday, January 18th 2017 (remarkable date coincidence) our favourite monkey-with-dartboard Lobito called "Buy" on the very same company, Continental Gold (, to his International Speculator clients.

Let's check a chart to see where those calls fell:

Winning, Lobito!

The Otto Rock Fan Club, part deux

Further to the wholly untrue and libelous things written about your humble scribe by a lying coward hiding behind the nick 'Olyeller' that we shared with you yesterday, it's very interesting to see how the Katusa fanboy idiot Olyeller reacted when asked for further evidence of his accusations. Some poster called Swannmex replied to Olyeller and his blowhard nonsense, starting like this:
” He can never set foot in the US again or he will be thrown in jail for being a huckster and bilking investors. He is the biggest anonymous hypocrite blogger on the internet IMO and a terrible stock picker.”…….
Please share anything you have to back up the assertion that Mark is banned from the US or wanted in the US for anything.

Then later Olyeller decides to... ignore the difficult question and pretend he wasn't asked anything at all. The questions to which he has no reply (and I assume "he" because women aren't nearly as arrogant and stupid as men). Because the plain fact is that Olyeller is just another BS blowhard big-guy asshole on a bullboard spreading pure lies. Sorry people, I'm not wanted by anyone and sorry to ruin your masturbatory fantasies Olyeller, you'll just have to get back to jacking off over Marin Katusa as he rips you of without you realizing.

More on Arizona Mining ( and its deceitful ways

Further to the Ottotrans of early this morning, we can confirm that Arizona Mining was forced to make its clarification at the request of the TSX. Though you'll note how that little detail was missing from its NR. Because that's the way this company works, it knows the market won't like whole truth about its fatally flawed project one little bit and only tells you the bits that suits it.

A simple question: How many times do you need to be hoodwinked by somebody before you realize you're being hoodwinked?

CIBC on Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( "Downgrade to Hold"

Yesterday TAHO's Ron Clayton ran a marketing spiel for sellside brokerage anal ysts at Scotia's offices, even though Scotia doesn't formally cover the stock (because Senior Precious Metals Analyst at Scotia, Tanya Jakusconek, is a board member at TAHO. No conflict there, oh no no no). 

And the result of Clayton's efforts? CIBC yesterday evening put out a "Downgrade to Hold" report on Tahoe. And just to remind you what "Downgrade to Hold" really means in the exciting and thrusting world of Canuck brokerage-speak...

We clear? Eventually, even the stuffed suits in the buddy-buddy scratch-back paid-off world of sellside work out they can't continue to sponsor an overpriced dog that has decimated shareholder value via overpriced deals. Ferrari Kev's Empire Building designs are coming back to bite him, corporate failure will be his legacy.

Mining PRs and the Ottotrans™, Part 98


It's number 98 of our occasional series and this time we take the information buried at the bottom of today's Arizona Mining ( NR and tell you what it really means.

Also, Arizona Mining would like to clarify certain statements made in its January 12, 2017 news release regarding the potential sale of concentrates from the Taylor Deposit, specifically comments made by Orion Mining Finance and Ocean Partners, USA Inc. The Company would like to remind the reader that the Company has not yet completed a preliminary economic assessment ("PEA"), or a mining study such as a preliminary feasibility study or feasibility study that supports the technical feasibility or economic viability of the Taylor Deposit including the marketability of the concentrate from the Taylor Deposit.
While the Company is currently working on a PEA expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter 2017, and further metallurgical test work on its potential concentrates, the reader is cautioned that a PEA is preliminary in nature and includes inferred mineral resources that are considered too speculative geologically to have any economic considerations applied to them that would enable them to be categorized as mineral reserves. In addition, there is no certainty that the preliminary economic assessment will be realized.

And this is what it means:

We deliberately bullshitted you the other day, suckers. We knew what we were doing was against the BCSC and OSC rules, but decided to do it anyway because our desire to pump our stock illegally was far greater. Now we stick this at the bottom of a long NR with yet more drill releases in order to comply. So just buy our stock and shut up, dumbasses.


Sunday in Vancouver: A date for your diary

Self-important old white men laughing about each other in public and giving each other nice presents. And as a bonus, the opportunity to give them even more of your money. Unmissable.

A special one for all you Marin Katusa fanboys

Getting accused of being a huckster and a hypocrite by one of Marin Katusa's sycophantic cocksuckers is high honour, so while you happy band of naive fools are hanging around IKN for the day, it's worth shining a little light on how your mentor and self-styled BFFF (best financial friend forever) uses you all and robs you blind, all while smiling straight into your face:

Exhibit A: This post that shows how he bought into East West Resources (run by Marin's pally pal and failed Maitre Dee David Sidoo), then pumped it to the idiots out there.

Exhibit B: The follow-up post that shows what happened when he'd created enough selling opportunity for he and his friends.

Exhibit C: The laughable way Katusa and his Casey Research pals try to cover their cockroach tracks when a little light is shone upon them.

And be clear, the East West Resources scam is just one of many examples of the Katusa M.O, he's screwed the people stupid enough to pay for his work dozens of times and will keep pn doing it, as long as there are people as stupid as you are who feed this parasite creep.

The Otto Rock Fan Club

My thanks to reader "C" for the forward. The thing with Marin's that birds of a feather thing, scumballs and liars attract each other.

Otto Rock is a scamster on the run from the SEC. He can never set foot in the US again or he will be thrown in jail for being a huckster and bilking investors. He is the biggest anonymous hypocrite blogger on the internet IMO and a terrible stock picker. His ego keeps him in losing positions for far too long and he trashes every miner he missed that has a huge move up. He can be very entertaining though so I give him that much. Just sayin. Not a big fan of Katusa either but I believe UEC is the real deal. The only problem I have with GOOD miners that Casey, Katusa et al start pumping is it blurs the valuation and makes it even harder to figure when to sell. NAK is a perfect example. Doug Casey has been pumping this thing no end and it now has a US market cap approaching $700m for a multi billion CAPEX project that does not even have a feasibility or metallurgy study attempted yet….let alone being remotely close to being permitted. This thing is an optionality play on steroids that probably will not get built in my lifetime (I am 53) Do your own DD of course.


Atico Mining (ATY.v) 4q16 production

It's been kinda flagged for a while because the share price has been performing very well these last couple of weeks, but all the same the 4q16 production numbers out of Atico Mining (ATY.v) a few minutes ago are very decent and underscore the value on offer here. Here's the headline chart for copper...

...and we'll do the rest along with what it all means in IKN401 on Sunday, subbers.

Disclosure: Long ATY.v

Chelsea Manning

A freaking idiot who didn't deserve a 35 year jail sentence.

Good call, Obama.