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Good Friday Art (repeat)

FWIW, repeated from this April 2011 post and this one in 2012. Christ of St. John of the Cross, Salvador Dali, 1951. People love it, people hate it, but it's one of the few paintings around that are truly breathtaking when witnessed. Even its haters agree on that.

 click to enlarge (gets very big)

Further comments from the man himself, Dali. 
"In the first place, in 1950, I had a 'cosmic dream' in which I saw this image in colour and which in my dream represented the 'nucleus of the atom.' This nucleus later took on a metaphysical sense; I considered it 'the very unity of the universe,' the Christ!"
For more, here's the wiki page on the painting.



And this weekend... a long one. And part of it will be spent by your humble scribe updating the call on Dalradian Resources (, one of the rare winners we've called this year (bot the thing at 65c), after its pretty interesting NR earlier this week. So that will keep me out of mischief, as will laying the egg hunt for the kids.

BREAKING: Excellent, bullish news for the price of gold next week

Considering the record of these charlatans and how they're an obvious contrary indicator, the news just out from Kitco that its band of self-appointed experts on the gold price has turned collectively bearish on the price of gold next week is good news indeed for those of us looking for higher gold prices.

A big thank you to the Monkeys with Dartboards. To Da Moon, Alice.

UPDATE: Mickeyman's take on the excellent bullish news for gold is here. He's not so enamoured and sees a better take, but then again Time Lords always make good traders. 

Selling bullion in the main gold ETF(GLD)

GLD is the reference point of the bullion ETFs. Here are a couple of charts of its bullion holdings. This from 2013 onwards...

...shows the nasty liquidation of bullion we all know about (in hindsight) and the flattening out of the drop in 2014. But this year has been interesting one so far, because once January was out the way there was the start of a rebound beginning to show. However the last few days have seen that trend fall off, as this 2014 to date chart explains:

NB: Please note the cut-down Y-axes in both charts, done for 
illustrative purposes, not to fool you in true Fox News Style

Yesterday GLD holdings dipped back under 800 tonnes Au for the first time since February 21st. So now you know. All data from here

How's that 2014 uranium bull charge make tonsamoney thing going?

Oh, that well?

That's the Globex uranium contract chart. From here

I'm running this Silvercrest $SVLC (SVLC) ( post again, because...

...of three things:

1) Reader RK noticed a silly mistake of mine; I wrote " turns out to be a 10k to 12 k per month gold producer." instead of " turns out to be a 10k to 12 k per quarter gold producer.", which dilutes the whole message of the post.
2) I'm feeling really anal this morning.
3) I like the post, so RK gives me an excuse to run it again.

So here it is again, all fixed.

Silvercrest $SVLC ( (SVLC) 1q14 production numbers

Also sucked. NR here:

SVL is a funny fish, as that chart above shows. The way it keeps the fact that the lion's share of its "silver" production come from gold ounces equivalent, for one thing. Because if you turned things around, ignored the silver word in its corporate title and ran its numbers on a more logical gold equivalent basis... turns out to be a 10k to 12 k per quarter gold producer. That gets a $250m market cap (!!). Just goes to show, style beats substance every time.

What a weird and wonderful sector this is! You have small gold producers like SVL pretending to be silver producers because it makes them look better than they are. Meanwhile, you have small silver producers like Gold Resource Corp (GORO) shamming the world into believing they're a gold company in order to maintain their own preferred line of bullshit. And then people wonder why the markets don't take these companies seriously.

UPDATE: @jameskwantes contributes with this:
Re: Silvercrest, Sandstorm gets 20% of life of mine gold production at Santa Elena for $350/oz. Changes equation Au vs Ag
This is true. I was kind of keeping it all to the production rather than revenue side, but it's a wholly valid point because in the end it's not about production but about money made. So he's right, of course. It's now up to you to decide whether SVLC having a stream that takes blue sky away from a chunk of its gross revs makes it more or less attractive.


Sheer coincidence, of course

The OSC will not investigate.

Because the OSC never does. Because they're total fuckwits and allow Canada to run one of the dirtiest markets in the world right under their noses. 

And hey, why not laugh it off as a small isolated case? Oh how funny you all are.