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More on what Louis Lobito Little Wolf James of Casey Research can do for your portfolio

The May 2015 edition of the Casey Research Louis Lobito Little Wolf James 'International Speculator' was entitled "Two Must Own Silver Stocks" and once you open and check em out, it turns out Lobito was urging you to buy and own Fortuna Silver (FSM) ( and Silver Wheaton (SLW). Here's the top of the piece that explains why:

Got that? 
Considerable research. 
Spectacular returns. 
Low downside risk. 

Here's the share price action of those two since the date of the call:

And Porter Stansberry employs him.

Minions and Keith Neumeyer

Nuff said.

Regarding pet rocks

Via Biiwii this morning, I get to click through to this post at The Macro Tourist which shines a light on the track record of one Jason Zweig, the guy who called gold a "pet rock" last week. Turns out the same "expert" top-ticked GDX, calling the miners a buy right at the very top of the top. In TMT's words...
"Man, I have had some bad calls in my day, but this one by Jason Zweig makes them look like slight hiccups.  You decide if the pet rock article is bullish or bearish for our poor little yellow friend…"
It takes skill to bottom tick the market. But that moves to utter mastery when you already top-ticked it a couple of years ago. I laughed hard at this, top stuff.

Nevada Copper ( six weeks on

On June 16th we noted this on the blog as Nevada Copper ( started its downhill run (which oh-so-coincidentally began on the day it released its feas study results):
"...perhaps one day it'll dawn on people just why no major has bought it in the years it's been shopped around. Or perhaps that fact is finally dawning on people this month. It's about time it did.
And today?

Yup, it's dawned on them.

And yes, I know you hate it when I'm right so feel free to forget this update.

The Canadian Dollar versus Latin America currencies

Setty's stuck a neat little post up on his display cabinet this morning, examining the relationship between the Loonie and a whole bunch of Latam currencies. Which has popped the biggest move? The title line includes "Colombia Goes Bananas", which is definitely a clue, but it's not just that country. 

Worth a visit, go see here. Charts and 'splainins and everything.

Chart of the day is...

...the long-term price chart of Silvercrest ( (SVLC) with a line drawn in at CAD$1.30:

Right on the button.

For those of you who care about the silver producer space these days. All nine of you.


Your Sprott/Stansberry Natural Resources Symposium Bingo Card

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