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The 2009 Small Silver Sweepstakes: The Results

Yes indeed, 2009 is all over and so the results are in on our tracking of best small silver mining company in 2009. Here's the chart:
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  • And the winner is....ENDEAVOUR SILVER (! Congrat guys on a great achievement and a 230% gain in 2009.
  • An excellent second place (silver medal...geddit?) goes to my personal favourite silver miner, Fortuna Silver (FVI.v). You guys should be proud of yourselves, too.
  • The honour of third is won by Great Panther Resources ( Maybe not my number one personal pick, but there's no knocking success. Well done indeed.

Oh....who's that bringing up the rear? In last of ten places and the only featured stock to have made a net loss in 2009 is ECU Silver (! This means that GATA membership is half price in 2010, people. Don't forget what Bill Murphy pledged to the world early in 2009:
If this stock ( is not at $3 US, or CDN, by the end of the year, I will cut the Café’s subscription price in half for 2010, or $100 versus the now $199 … which means I will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if this dog does not hunt … am putting my money and my mouth where my money is.

All I can say to that is "ROFL". So Bill, either you make that shiny new cut price $100 annual sub nice and easily available to your long suffering members or you can quite simply, once and for all