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Gold Resource Corp (GORO) late files its 3q12 earnings report

At what point do you start laughing at these amateurs? Gold Resource Corp (GORO) today notified the SEC that it would be late filing its 3q12 numbers because...because...the re-stating of its 1q12 and 2q12 numbers has got them all confused and it's a massive game changing $3.7m we have to put in...or perhaps take out.... of the calculations they're still not sure which boxes to change on the Excel spreadsheet and how can you possibly expect a one billion dollar market cap company* to be able to do everything at once?

This company is a joke. An embarrassment pumped by people on the take and ripping off the naive souls that buy into all that crap about gold dividends. John Doody and Jim Puplava, you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves and the least you can do is admit your mistake to the people that pay you for your opinions. Before they stop paying you.

*Well, it was until recently. Ha.