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Integra Resources (ITR.v) with a strong resource update

Here's a freebie for you. Be clear that I'm long Integra Resources (ITR.v), have been for a while, I'm modestly up on the position and I'm not selling any at anywhere near these prices so with a nice shouty clear disclosure, the NR out this evening for ITR.v will price the stock up tomorrow (unless gold dumps $30). Here's the title, click on it to read the whole thing:

This is a strong step along the way of getting the very large DeLamar deposit into gear and this stock price with some momentum. As soon as I saw the NR hit, I shot a mail over to ITR CEO Salamis and asked him for the flavorful comments and here's what he had to say (very slightly edited):
"Very happy with this...Usually with resource conversion to M&I, ounces fall off the table, drop out of the model, etc. Not here. We went up significantly, which is great news. 3.6 M ozs AuEq to 4.4 M is a big jump, and 90% of that is M&I which makes us all happy. All that M&I makes the PEA less risky, as well.

"Other things that make us happy: No major drop in grade, maintained a low strip below 2:1. And...tada!!... 1.5 Mozs AuEq in Ox/trans which we view as fair game for heap leaching. And it’s still wide open for expansion. A win. We are happy."
This one's a buy at these levels, period.

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The Friday OT: BT; 13 Angels On My Broken Windowsill

Brian Transeau really hits the heights in this song. His range and depth of electronica, intersected by some beautifully melodic passages. BT at his best.

Dedicated to reader A and his wonderful partner, fue un gran gusto conocerlos. Youtube here.

Las Bambas breaking news: A truck has spilled a load of copper concentrate

Of all the mines to have this type of accident, it had to be Las Bambas, a contractor truck and along the contentious stretch of road (the "mining corridor") blocked by locals recently. So far the details of the accident this morning aren't with us, we know the truck overturned and spilled its load so that's presumably 30 metric tonnes of toxic dust laying around the place but we'll get to hear how bad it is later, for sure. Link to the Peru government enviro bureau OEFA's report here (Spanish language).


Posting will be quiet... this humble corner of cyberspace for a few days. For secret reasons.


Midas Gold ( kowtow

Last week we had Alexco (AXU) ( ceding to the financiers and running a U$6.5m cheap bought deal, this week it's Midas Gold ( going for C$19.9m at 60c.

With both Barrick and Paulson drinking deeply on this deal, you really get the feeling MAX was "advised" to run one this cheaply.

My best guess on where Newmont (NEM) would be...

...if it hadn't bought Goldcorpse:

It'd be U$39 more or less, maybe even U$40. Currently U$35.20.


The IKN Weekly, out now

Bottoms up! Chin Chin! Down The Hatch!

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Atlantic Gold and St Barbara Mines

Can't help but wonder what stockholders feel about this deal:

If I were an AGB shareholder, I would not be waiting around for the closure.


The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:
Third Place: "BS juniors: Desperately Seeking Attention". Things one notices over the years.

Second Place: "Tinka (TK.v) clears the decks". A small and ultimately unimportant observation that got plenty of hits for some strange reason. Part of the never-ending mystery of what does and does not get popular on the blog.
First Place: "Belo Sun ( is the poster child for everything that's wrong in Canadian junior mining".Hit winner by a nautical mile, a throwback from the time I used to care about shining light on the mob rule in Vancouver. Things like this won't change until the BCSC executives stop frequenting the same country clubs as the scamsters.


The Friday OT: Deadmau5; Saved

I am obsessed. And only about 20% through his catalogue so far. An example:

Youtube here.

Wise words from Trevali's ( chair today...

...Jessica McDonald has le mot juste:
“The past year has been an eventful and productive one at Trevali, and we look forward to welcoming shareholders and discussing our progress and plans for the future at the Meeting on July 31.”
Productive? That's debatable. Eventful...?

Yup. Eventful. This is what happens when Glencore transfers all the risk to somebody else, but still keeps all the profits.