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Are you going to tell those people who paid Marin Katusa for his trade idea, or shall I?

That world-conquering reason he's promo'ing Lucara ( so hard? De Beers got there first.

Anglo American’s De Beers said Thursday it had successfully tracked its first diamonds all the way from its mines to jewellery retailers using blockchain technology, in an effort to clear up the supply chain form synthetics and conflict stones.
The world’s largest rough diamond producer by value, which began developing the tracking platform last year, said it was able to follow 100 high-value stones through the cutting, polishing and manufacturing process to a final retailer, as part of a pilot program announced in January.

A late Friday NR from Rio Silver (RYO.v)

I wouldn't have put this here, except for the fact that RYO.v tried to bury it as a late Friday evening filing on SEDAR. And it's another BS "shares for debt" transaction. And Reeder pulls this stunt all the time. So here you go:

June 22, 2018, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Rio Silver Inc. (“Rio Silver” or the "Company") (TSX.V: RYO) announces that it intends to settle an aggregate of $42,894 of indebtedness (the "Debt") owed to certain arm’s length and non-arm’s length creditors through the issuance of an aggregate of 857,879 common shares at a deemed issuance price of $0.05 per common share (the “Transaction”), of which 497,200 common shares will be issued to non-arm's length creditors. All common shares issued to settle the Debt will be subject to a hold period of four months and one day from the date of issuance. The Transaction is subject to TSX Venture Exchange approval. Completion of the Transaction will allow the Company to improve its current working capital deficiency position.

And for those who shrug shoulders and give it the "Hey it's only $43k" or "What's so special about this one?", your complacence is why the Canadian mining scene is as FUBAR as it is.


The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

It's been a while since this weekend wrap-up post appeared, mainly because content has been sparse and light on the blog due to travel and visits and work and things. Last week saw a semi-return to normal rhythm however, so here we are again. reverse order:
Third Place: "The Marin Katusa Lucara Diamond ( pumpjob". This one will run and run. See also the follow-up post, "What Marin Katusa isn't telling you about Lucara Diamond Corp (", to get a better handle on just why this company is so keen on getting its PPS up right now.

Second Place: "Simple, two-step trading instructions on Minera IRL (MIRL.cse)". After this post went out, all the 8.5 dried up and 10c became the norm. Funny dat, innit?
First Place: "Being wrong about stocks, Arizona Mining ( edition". And thanks for the feedback on this one, people. Good mailbag, appreciated.


The Friday OT: Jon Hopkins; Everything connected

I'm going to evangelize this new Jon Hopkins album 'Singularity' until you're either thoroughly sick of  the subject or you cave in, listen to the whole thing yourself and discover its magical shimmering genius.

This is from the album, it's also a cool video.

Youtube here.

Canaccord trying hard to keep the lid on Minera IRL (MIRL.cse)

House 33 is throwing the kitchen sink at Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) this morning. They've given up on the 8.5c line, now they just trying to hold it at 10c:

One wonders why...

From here.

IKN congratulates Harry Pokrandt on the unrelenting success of his HIVE.v strategy

This remains one of my favourite things ever from the Giustra bucket shop, the day they brought in Lord Haw-Haw to justify the pre-sold covering move run by Giustra, Paes-Braga and Humphreys himself at $3. Ah but wait, they called it, "unprecedented action to cool share price":
"Management and the board of HIVE were concerned the climbing share price was unrelenting, according to a call with CEO Harry Pokrandt."
And since that special day of November 3rd 2017?:

It's been an unrelenting success, Harry. Well done indeed.

Mexico: 93 murders per day

This is impressive, but not in a good way:

Here's a segment from the report:
Much of the increase since 2015 has been attributed to organized crime, especially in areas where organized-crime groups are clashing or where larger criminal groups have fragmented into smaller factions.
Such fragmentation often leads to more violence as smaller groups compete with each other. Those groups are also more likely to prey local populations, adding to insecurity.

I don't know what a Failed State needs to look like, but surely it starts like this. So congrats once again for re-capturing and extraditing El Chapo Guzman, guys.


Minera IRL (MIRL.cse): What happens when 33 stops walking it down

It pops straight back to 10c.

Has 33 got the message? Improved its Lima DD? Knows what's about to happen? Or are they going to walk it back down into the close? Only time will tell...

Screenshot from here.

World Cup Fever

May get round to sticking a couple of posts on the blog this evening.

Orion makes a move on Dalradian (

It's not just the $1.47 offer that's interesting here, it's who is buying that really catches the eye. Private Equity in the mining space.


Simple, two-step trading instructions on Minera IRL (MIRL.cse)

1) Don't pay more than 8.5c for shares, because Canaccord (House 33) is sitting on the ask and will sell you any amount that you care to buy at that price.

2) But perhaps consider picking  up a few in the next few days, because the dumbass at 33 trying to walk down the price and keep a lid on it is going to get the shock of his freakin' life soon. A pinkslip beckons, you zero DD monkey with zero Spanish or any idea of what's about to happen to your sorry ass.

That is all.

The excitement builds in HIVE Blockchain Technologies (HIVE.v)

With just a few days to wait before those highly anticipated annuals from the Giustra pump HIVE.v, the excitement is building in the market and eager buyers are grabbing all the stock they can get their ha....ah:

Well, maybe not. Can't wait to hear what Frank Holmes has to say at the Conference Call, he's always keen and willing to talk to the bizmedia. What? No ConfCall programmed? I'm shocked!