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A word on gold and BullionVault

I'll surely be writing more on gold in the days and weeks to come, but today is to explain a bit about what you see above this post.

Our site sponsor is BullionVault (see the link above and below in this post, too), and I sincerely recommend using them to buy and sell gold bullion. They've been in business for decades and the service is very safe, quick and totally secure; check out the extensive explanations of what they do and how they do it over at the site. If you join via the link (quick sign-up procedure) you get a free gram of gold from these guys (worth about 30 bucks right now, which is generous of them to be sure) and you can trade that gram for cash no worries.

Buy gold online - quickly, safely and at low prices

Another rocking reason for joining is you get access to the articles written by Adrian Ash. Now people that know me also know I'm no fan of gurus and stuff (to put it mildly), but there are a few public zone people I do read and learn from, Ash being one of them (joining the Coffin Brothers on junior miners, Gary Tanashian from biiwii on charts'n'stuff and Don Coxe on the grand macro worldview perspective). Ash is as good as it gets on gold, and getting first run at his output via BullionVault is worth its own weight. In the words of the blurb that comes at the bottom of his notes;

"Adrian Ash runs the research desk at Bullion Vault, the world's fastest growing gold ownership service. Formerly head of editorial at Fleet Street Publications – London's top publisher of financial advice for private investors – he was City correspondent for The Daily Reckoning for four years, and is now a regular contributor to 321gold, FinancialSense, GoldSeek, Prudent Bear, SafeHaven and Whiskey & Gunpowder among many other leading investment websites. Adrian's views on the Gold Market have been sought by leading news organizations including the Financial Times, AFX Thomson and Der Stern in Germany."

So there you go. To be totally straight with you, if you click through via the above link and then go for it and set up an account, BullionVault credit me with a very small commission, but that's not what this is about. Your caring and thoughtful Otto has owned and reco'd gold bullion as portfolio main core since the stuff was selling at U$451/oz (silver fizz too), and with the nerves around the market version 2008, preservation of capital should be one of your main considerations as an investor. And that is a direct arrow to owning gold, precious metals etc. Ok, no more. Thanks for listening.