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bot gold at $929.....

........but not GLD this time (still got that, and still looking for $95 to sell as a ST trade).

This time I used the BullionVault account, which gives me the flexibility to trade while the dudes in New York are all asleep. Check out the link above and see for yourself, and they really do give you a gram of gold to start off with in your a/c. Registration is easy too (and this is not a hard sell, dudes...just some friendly advice).

Got gold? Hope so, cos it looks undercooked here compared to the very weak USD. Remember that picking a stock or two to beat the market is all well and good (example TEO), but we are in a bear market, no doubts. And in this atmosphere, before you get fancy and start to trade your way to riches, you have to PRESERVE YOUR CAPITAL. And without putting too fine a point on it, that means having at least some gold (or perhaps silver or PGM) in your port.

OK, enough for one day, and I don't wanna start preaching your tush away. Check out BullionVault anyway. I posted on it previously'll give you a bit more detail.

UPDATE: After sleepies, and I've saved myself over half a point by not waiting til this morning. We shall see how this pans out......