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Can't get any more...

..cos there's a limit to everyone's pocket.

How do I feel about paying 20% more than I could have paid for my ARU today? Crap, dude.

How do I feel about paying under $6 for ARU today? Good, dude.

A little braincheck:

At $5 a share, the gold already in the 43-101 reports is priced at approx U$50/oz. That's with the present resource size, and the recent infill drilling should bump the gold resource figures up soon.

ARU is not in any danger of losing FDN. Here something that Asemblea head Alberto Acosta said today:

"What's at stake here is to define the future of large- scale metallic mining in Ecuador,'' said Alberto Acosta, the assembly's president and a member of Correa's Alianza Pais party, in a speech before the vote. "The new mining law will favor serious entrepreneurs, not the speculators, because with clear rules, they will be able to work.''

You can put ARU in the serious column.

The 180 day stop-work order looks like a pain here, but the selling has been way too strong even taking that into consideration. Panic does that to people. I certainly hope you bought as much ARU as you could today. You will not regret it, whatever the price does in the very short term.

UPDATE: Aurelian is likely to bounce Monday. If you haven't done it yet, check article 8 of the approved mandate.