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Carlos Fernández replaces Lousteau as Argentine Finance Minister

The new Argentina Finance Minister,
Carlos Fernández.....better haircut

The Fernández dude is a bit of a surprise, with my best guess of Redrado not getting the job (maybe not wanting it...i dunno).

Fernández was the head dude (known as interventor) of the AFIP tax office. He was only top dog there for a little over a month, so this all seems a bit slapdash and improvised to this little Otto.

Previously, Fernández was also in the Economy ministry in the Nestor gov't with brief to look after provincial matters. He's a big supporter of Alberto Fernández (no relation), Cristina's cabinet chief, which is interesting because Alberto was rumoured to be on the way out. This is a clear support signal for Alberto. Carlos Fernandez also has a fair working relationship with Guillermo Moreno, the main Nestor man in government, and this was probably the reason why he got the job.

Cristina is for show....Nestor is still king. Keep that clear.

So a Carlos Finance minister basically means another Neshtor lapdog in for show. The ridiculous weak peso policy will continue and inflation will import Argentina to hell in the next 12 months. Sad to see such a wonderful country ruled by such idiots.