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In a shocking development, an Argentine states the obvious about Martin Lousteau

Lousteau grimaces when he spots his mother
in the crowd making funny hand signals

One of the head honcho of the Confederaciones Rurales Argentinas ( English "Confederation of Argentine Farmers" is close enough) today said that Argentine Finance Minister Martin Lousteau had only been present at one of the many of the supposedly key meetings that the country boys have had so far with the government boys over the ongoing dispute about the hikes export tax on soybeans, wheat, corn etc. He also said that (in translation), "He's not there, because all this goes over his head, because he does not have the authority to control certain situations and it's better that he isn't there."

Lousteau impersonates George Formby

If talking about a Minister of Finance in such terms comes as any surprise to you, then you obviously don't know much about the way Argentina is ruled (repeat ruled) these days. Lousteau is Pleshident Klishtina's lapdog, brought in from her time as senator for Buenos Aires province, who was supposed to show the world that she is not just the continuation of her husband's mandate, but she's her own woman.

Two ageing rock stars

Total crap. Any and all serious decisions are still being made by Neshtor, and get handed down to the mortals via his favourite attack dog Guillermo Moreno. Moreno is the Secretary of Interior Commerce, which is an ostensibly inferior post to that of finance minister. But this is of no matter whatsoever; Moreno gets the serious job of thrashing out a deal with the agro reps, while Lousteau gets carted off to meet'n'greet with Argentine-born Princess Maxima Zorra-Guita (oops....make that "Zorreguieta"....I'm always getting that wrong...dunno why) to talk about some vague idea of getting banks to give better credit lines to small businesses via the United Nations, which sounds great but let's face facts here.....ain't gonna happen, is it?

So the big talk now is that while Klishtina is away on a trip to see Studmuffin, getting shouted at by strange people in hotel lobbies and picking up a bauble last won by Eva Peron (symbolic, innit?), the real ruler, Neshtor, has sounded out Central Bank head man Martin Redrado for the job of finance minister. Y'see, Nestor is reportedly fed up to the back teeth of seeing mophead hanging around. And let there be no doubt about where the real power lies, damas y caballeros.

So as predicted here weeks ago, Lousteau's days are numbered. Good. He's an idiot and shouldn't have been given the job in the first place. Get a haircut, boy. As for Redrado, there are worse out there....not wonderful, and he has this strange tendency to play "God Save the Queen" and "Land of Hope and Glory" on his office stereo when visited by Brits, but at least he has a bit of gravitas about him.