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sneakydeaky quiztime (VI)

It must be Saturday

Ready for a careful examination?



Hallo to you one and to you all, and the most cordial of welcomes to another edition of da quizzz.

This time round we're going to move away from the multiple guess format and try you on summink difrunt like. We're also ringing the changes and moving off economics & finance & stuff, at least this once. This time it's a history quiz (of sorts).

For sure the style and the substance is different this time, but the prizes are as scrumptious as ever. And this week's top prize is right up there battling with the best, cos it's a free guided tour of a Russian gold miner in Venezuela!! Yeah get a full guided snoop around the back of beyond, watch people drilling exciting holes and then drink vodkas through their noses as the sun goes down.

So buckle you shoelaces, tie your snaps and snap on a we go with the ten (YES TEN!) questions. Luck be a lady, tonight.......


1) In what year did Francisco Pizarro found Lima?

2) Name the only three LatAm countries to have won the World Cup of football.

3) How many times in total have those three teams won the World Cup of football?

4) In what year and where did Simon Bolivar die?

5) Which country was the original "banana republic", and how did the name originate?

6) Who first said, "I will return, and I will be millions"?

7) Who is Latin America's longest ever serving President?

8) In what year the the first ship pass through the entirety of the Panama canal?

9) What type of sentence is "A man, a plan, a canal; Panama"?

10) Which Latin American city is generally recognized as having created the world's first interconnecting bus route system?


So, this time you have to work a bit harder. Instead of just writing a), b), c) or d) you're going to have to write a few words and numbers.........what a cheek, eh? Just stop complaining, jot 'em down and send 'em to otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com. Answers, as always. come up on Wednesday. So until then,

Toodle Pip!