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From the department of "told ya so"

Ecuador bonds on a total roll, and now the yield just dropped to under that of Venezuela's. This according to Bloomberg, but of course it depends on which bonds you're looking at and what kind of political point you want to get across. Great how any regional success story is used to gratuitously stick the boot into Chávez, innit?

From the department of "dropping subtle hints"
The bossdude at Argentina's Central Bank writes a civilized letter to The Economist to say its recent analysis totally sucked (and errr....he's right). But at the same time he drops a (oh my stars I hope this is true) big hint about the BCRA's forex policy and that "...we do not have a commitment to any particular exchange-rate level..". Is this a signal from the upper echelons that the obviously long term commitment 3.15 to the greenback is on the way out?

From the department of "treating people like adults"
Luis Carranza please note; the President of his role model state admits inflation is a "huge problem". Even in this post neoliberal liar's poker world, it still pays to be honest sometimes, ya knows.