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things are hotting up between Ecuador and Colombia again

So it works like this; just when things are...let's say....slightly strained between Correa and his military guys, Colombia pops up again and accuses Correa of ordering his troops to stand down on missions to search for FARC groups in Ecuadorian territory. You thought this was all over with that dramateeeque handshake at the OAS meeting, didn't you?

Correa has hit the roof, and has demanded that Colombia provides proof of this accusation within 48 hours. If it doesn't, Correa's going to do something really nasty like stand up in the middle of everyone and shout "liar liar pants on fire" at the top of his voice. This can only get worse, ya knowz.

Meanwhile, Alan Garcia gets interviewed by latino egohack numero uno, and decides that both Correa and Uribe are winners in the FARC affair. Gotta laugh at the timing, Alan. Oh, and errr...guess who Alan thinks lost out? Go on...take a wild guess.....

Note: The links are in Spanish, but if the stories get legs you can google English versions tomorrow morning for sure.

Note II: My sincere condolences go to the families of the 5 English women killed in a road accident in Ecuador late yesterday, and also to the 60 fatal victims of the Mexico bus crash this weekend.