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The battle of the beer money

After being rattled by his ignorance on previous days Gary from wrote this on Wednesday, which seems far too much like claiming premature victory to me.

So he must have been regretting his technically anal-yzed words yesterday when gold stormed back to 880+ and put my bet on the right track again. Remember that if gold $900/oz happens before gold $850/oz, that little whipper-snapper owes the mighty Otto a full ten US dollars.

With the USD fading overnight, he better be praying to his monetary gods.

UPDATE FRIDAY AM: Gold peaked at U$899.90 this morning before falling back. Consider it a stay of execution, garydood.

UPDATE 2 FRIDAY AM: Gold just traded at $904/oz. Cut it, print it, that's a wrap. The beer is mine. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

On a more serious note, I hope you filled your boots on this cheap gold. You can bet that I made more than 10 bucks on this move. BullionVault and its free gram of gold awaits you on the link above!

THE LAST WORD, FRIDAY PM: The fine upstanding fellow that he is, Gary from has just transferred the 10spotter into my paypal account. A true gentleman Cheers, dude!