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Dear King Neshtor; Your ex finance minister wants to make it clear how much of a dumbass you are

Lavagna points out the mistakes in
Nestor's mathematics homework

So what does the last successful Economy Minister think of the state of today's Nestor-ruled Argentina? Here's what Roberto Lavagna has to say on Argentine radio this lunchtime (all faithfully translated by your loyal Otto, cos this one is far too good not to share):

"Often, from the economist side and particularly among very orthodox economists, politics is totally ignored. Today the reverse is true; the world of politics wants to totally ignore economics...there are people that do not understand economics, and that includes the ex president (Nestor) Kirchner, who makes decisions that in the short-term may look innocent, but after a while accumulate and end up bringing us today's main problem, inflation."

Lavagna then uses the 'royal we' to say, "we would be blind if we didn't say anything."

And just for good measure, he says the government's inflation figures and calculations for the cost of living, "lack all worth".


Now maybe Lavagna isn't as smart a politico, but he's forgotten more than Neshtor knows about economics and stuff like that. So when you hear the dude who managed to dig Argentina out of a very large hole during the Duhalde and Neshtor administrations say that Argentina is in the caca and the person calling all the shots on the economy is a financial dumbass, you'd better pay attention.

UPDATE 4PM: The story has now made the Argentine press.