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From the department of "piss up in a brewery", Peru UE-LAC 2008

Hi honey i'm home....late

Total chaos in Lima today. The whole city centre went gridlock from 7am onwards, with "planned" (gotta use that word loosely) alternative routes collapsing under the weight of traffic that any sane person could predict, cars abandoned and people walking down the expressways (using express in its non-literal sense, of course). Bus routes were changed, and while the roads were chock-a-block with cars the buses circulated with virtually nobody on board as nobody knew where the buses were stopping to pick up passengers. Amazingly enough, with over 90,000 police officers put on duty for the EU-LAC conference, many drivers complained about a total lack of police presence to direct traffic away from the restricted zones.

The gov't eventually had to abandon its ridiculous plan of closing down the Javier Prado urban freeway. Quite frankly, my four year old could do better than this*

If this is what we can expect from the organizational side of the UE-LAC conference, well....we shouldn't be surprised, really. This pisspoor gov't can't even get the bonanza growth of the last few years to its own people, so why on earth should we think they can organize an international conference? I can't wait to see what happens when Hugo arrives.

By the way, Evo is in town tomorrow and will attend the shadow conference that is being staged in protests Then he's going to play football. However, his supporters are finding it tougher to attend, as police in Arequipa stopped them from travelling any further because the coach drivers didn't have the right licences. Welcome to Peru, world of pettiness.

*wanna see a photo?