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I'm sitting here wishing I had made my last gold trade with BullionVault and not GLD

Yesterday I took a position in GLD at $87.05, and this morning I was just waiting for the slapdown that has just happened. I'm cursing using GLD because if I had used BullionVault I could have sold out an hour ago as I wanted to do.

I'm going take two minutes to pump the site's sponsor service again here, because BullionVault is a smart way to trade gold and the website is pretty easy to use, too. It's free to join and the inscription is quick and relatively painless. What's more, if you join up via this link...

Buy gold online - quickly, safely and at low prices

...they'll give you a gram of gold to get your account going, and that gram is yours to keep (they gave me a gram and I've traded it amongst the rest of my subsequent deposits ever since). It's a good deal, for one thing it's a freebie worth about U$28 and for another it gives you the chance to get used to how the BullionVault service works before you decide to add real money to the account.

I recommend this service as a way of making gold a part of your investment life, because not only can you trade 24/7, you're actually buying, selling and owning real gold held in vaults in Zurich, London and New York, and not just an ETF promissory paper. After this morning, I'll be using BullionVault more often....mistakes are made to be learned from.

UPDATE: Check out main man Gary's COW (Chart Of the 'moo' dude) at He's just updated his free service today with some top quality gold TA and short-term advice on trading the metal. Gary rocks.