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A little light reading: the Interpol report on the FARC laptops

Here's the link to the PDF file, all 102 pages of it. Have fun and a good read through, but please note that amongst the 600 gigabytes of information found on the FARC hardware, including 37,872 written documents, 452 spreadsheets, 210,888 images, 22,481 web pages, 7,989 email addresses, 10,537 multimedia files (sound and video), and 983 encrypted files there is no mention of Hugo Chavez or any proof whatsoever that Chavez has ties with the FARC.

However, I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing a different spin on that story soon enough. Try your hardest to stick to the facts, please...yeah?

UPDATE: Speaking of "different spin", the Fox News headline of "Interpol: Chavez Supports Terrorists" isn't even subtle about it. Incredible, using the word in its most literal sense.