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Man bites dog, Peruvian style

Dontcha just love it when you catch a politician red-handed in a sordid lie? Yeah, me too, so here's Miró Ruiz, a Peru congressman for the Nationalist Party and really nasty, snotty piece of work that you'll want to punch in the face soon.

And here' a cute photo of an 18 month old Schnauzer named Matias.

What's the connection? Well, about a week ago, Ruiz saw the fluffy ball of fun Matias running amok amongst his hens and ducks, and apparently bit one of the ducks on the leg. So Ruiz took out his unlicenced carbine and shot the dog three times. Yep, the dog died.

Only then did the fun start: Ruiz flatly denied in a public interview that he had shot the dog, and also claimed he does not use or own a gun. It wasn't until the dog's owner (and neighbour to Ruiz) kicked up such a fuss that an ethics commission was set up inside congress to investigate the matter that Ruiz cracked up, broke down and fessed to the crime, blaming it on "human error". Your animal loving Otto assumes he was talking about the lack of contraceptives used by his parents a few decades ago.

It's also emerged from an ex-employee of this shit-turned legislator that the dude gets his rocks off by shooting wild animals such as the Vizcacha (a wild rabbit-like animal and a protected species), so all that malarkey about never carrying firearms is a real crock. And to add a twist of irony to the whole cocktail, Miró Ruiz is one of the members of congress that is promoting a new law that calls for a prison sentence of 20 years for poachers of wild species, including the vizcacha. To sum up, this fine example of Latino politico;
  • shoots dogs and other animals for fun
  • shoots them with unlicensed firearms
  • lies about the episode
  • lies about being a gun owner
  • blows away protected species in his spare time for kicks
  • helps decide the future of the country
This is the quality of human being that is voted into office in Peru. Kinda explains things, no?