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Rattling the cup, May edition

The same as previous month-ends, here comes my pathetic attempt at begging. Over there...up in the right hand corner of the page....

....there's a chance to donate via that paypal button.

If the blog has done you a service it's a chance to throw over a small tip. No coin too small, and as always it'd be very appreciated. But I'm quick to point out the voluntary nature of this, ok? Donate or not, you're all so very welcome to share the blog. If you enjoy reading it and maybe have learned something along the way and generally have nice thoughts about Otto and his tiny corner of cyberspace, that's good enough for me.

This is also a good time to remind my brother to send me the 5spotter he owes me, cos when Man Utd beat Chelsea in the Champion's League final he lost our bet. Cough up, bro!