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A snippety post

The Interpol report on the famous FARC laptops is due out at 1pm local time today. Expect anything to happen in the next 48 hours, as for one thing Chavez and Uribe are both due to attend the Peru EU-LAC conference Friday. Honestly, anything could happen there.

Argentina's rural boyz look like they want to sit down with the gov't again. The two sides are certainly drawing closer to each other. As mentioned yesterday, Argentine bonds rallying nicely.

Hermes Binner, the governor of Santa Fe province in Argentine, is a bit bland but he's getting very positive reviews for the conciliatory stance he's taken during the agro strike. A name to watch.

I've bailed on my MELI short at $55. A slight profit, but not the trade I expected. It has been too strong for my liking, and it's time to reduce exposure. doing well today. TA suggests an 0.82 finish will open the floodgates next week.

The KRY short/GRZ long pair play is working nicely. I'll probably take a bit of profits on both sides of the play today and then let the rest ride.

Aurelian's 1q08 report is a model of open disclosure. Well worth a read. Find it at

Telecom Argentina (TEO) has put in a bottom today, I think (though I'm not the voice to trust on this stock). Still holding. Fundamentals are sound.

Los Andes Copper (LA.v) released more good drill results yesterday. This is a long term hold...very comfortable here.

Joseph Stiglitz's call for an end the inflation targeting is the talk of LatAm economists.