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Today's best trading advice is boring and repetitive.....

.....but read it all the same cos that way you might start to give it a bit of thought. Inca Pacific Resources (IPR.v,, a damn good copper/moly junior in Peru. I recommend that you make it part of your portfolio. Here's the 5 day chart.....

...which shows that I'm not the only one thinking good thoughts about this stock. And here's the one year chart....... give you a bit of perspective. You can see the importance of the $2 level in this stock, no? The rest is up to you, but you should know my feelings already. Remember one thing (something that is covered by hedgehog in his guest blog). I don't make my money by writing a free advice blog in the public domain. I make a living by knowing as much as possible about the region, and basing my investment decisions on that information. Reasons are for other places, but the bottom line is the same anywhere. Buy IPR. However, you gotta do your own DD, dudes. You know the one about the free lunch, yeah?