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Unmissable abiding post

Go see Abiding in Bolivia's latest post explaining just how stupid the fascist racist scum (the ones who think they have a God-given right to lord it over little brown people) are feeling right now. More than beautiful.

The only recourse they seem to have left is a full scale Coup D'Etat, but it'd be just too much fun to watch them try to launch an attack on La Paz with El Alto just up the hill and ready to protect their Evodude. I mean, this was the scene today as the littlest leader launched his recall election campaign in La Paz.....
..... and if we zoom in on those posters the locals are already comparing Evo with Tupac Katari, a seriously hardass dude who led a siege of La Paz back in 1781 until the colonials caught him and quartered him alive.
Katari is an indigenous hero of the first order; a veritable 18th century Che Guevara in Bolivian circles. So I'm happy to say the coup has zero chance, cos believe me you do NOT mess with an angry Aymara*. Anyway...go read the Abiding post; that dude is all you need to know on Bolivia. Here's the link excuse not to go visit now.

*I know, cos I married one.