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Anatomy of a Canadian Stock Promotion (part 1)

This is an introductory post to a new series that your loving and giving Otto will be rattling out in the weeks and months ahead. Y'see, I've identified a stock that will be given a full commercial stock promotion routine over from now to about the spring of 2009. The idea is the comment on the development of the promo, how it's being presented to the retail audience, what the central players stand to gain, how their exit strategy looks to be set up and all things related. The idea is that maybe along the way we can learn a bit as to how these stocks make a few people rich and eave a lot of others holding bags. And then once you have identified the pattern, you can use it to your own advantage the next time round. Cos in the stock promo game in Canada, there's always a next time.

I'm not going to reveal the name of the stock yet, but that'll come in the very near future. What I'll say right now is that it has all the ingredients for a good promo vehicle:
  • A junior explorer-stage miner
  • Excellent prospects at its new prospects and concessions
  • A team well versed in stock promotion
  • The promotion techniques I'm expecting the company to use will be (and I want to stress this) 100% legal.
So for today we'll leave it all mysterious and spooky. In the days to come, I'll start outlining the company and its structure and how I think the future promotion will come to pass (more or less).