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Argentina: Reactions from everyone except the President

It's 1pm in Argentina, and the silence emanating from the Presidential Palace is beginning to roar. We've had:
  • Bs As Province governor Daniel Scioli saying that last night's vote shouldn't be dramatized (which is a real turnaround from the show Neshtor put on just two days ago).
  • Opposition stalwart Elisa Carrio saying plenty of things with the word "historic" included.
  • Julio Cobos saying that he won't resign. Well yeah...he would though, wouldn't he?
  • Various bit-players adding their two cents worth
  • etc
FWIW, I will agree to disagree on several points made by "Latino Observer" but I must oppose the point he made about Cobos perhaps being offered incentives by the agro boys. I've seen recordings of his speech made last night, and also the way he was called upon not once but seven times to vote before he made his stand. It's clear that he was speaking from the heart and not the wallet. If his reasons were purely financial, it was an acting performance that ranks up with Heath Ledger's Joker. Nah, forget that line of thinking. Cobos looked deep into himself and not his back pocket before voting last night.

Also, the biggest loser out of all this is, no doubts, Nestor Kirchner. His dream of dynastic rule is now over. Also, the realization of the loss of face incurred by Alberto Fernandez is beginning to sink in (as mentioned here this morning). The clock is ticking on Cobos and Alberto.

Argentina is now awaiting word from Prez Klishtina herself. This is a good time to point out that constitutionally-speaking only the President has the power to disable the export tax law as stands. Her reaction on this issue will set the scene in Argentina for the next 3 years. It's that simple.

UPDATE 2:30pm EST: Word is that Klishtina will make some sort of speech, or announcement or something at 6pm local time (that's 5pm EST). Let's hope she is "Presidential".