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Highlighting some favourite blogs

Over on the right column of the site there are a whole bunch of links that I like. Apart from a couple of actual site-sites, they're all lesser known blogs; the only exception is ultra-high traffic blog Dani Rodrik (the Harvard University economics's there cos it's great). This is because recos to visit RGE economics or seeking alpha or Brad Setser etc are in so many places, and I prefer mentioning high quality sites that aren't so well known. So I thought I'd take a moment and pump some of the featured blogs. This might be kinda in-housey, but if any of you out there click through, get some value from what you read in that other place and decide to make their blog a habit, it would have been worth the effort.

So here goes; I'll write up the English blogs first, then the Spanish language ones afterwards. Click on any name for a direct link through. So in no particular order:

English Blogs
I'm happy to say Gary is a friend, and we often bounce ideas off one another via mail. His blog gets my vote because although he's an avid Technical Analysis (TA) fan and I'm most definitely not, he anchors his charting in the real world and uses it to make sense of what he understands in the wider context. And he understands a lot. Another big bonus of getting the biiwii habit is you'll find an author with no ego-trap, and not afraid to stand up and say "I got that one wrong". All in all, a high quality asset for traders.

Borev is just great, a rapier wit that defends the Venezuela of Hugo Chávez from allcomers. Not only does he take no prisoners, but he does it in such a way that often makes me laugh out loud. Great at choosing photos to go with his diatribes, too. You most definitely do not have to be a left-winger to enjoy this blog....just born with a sense of humour. Also, he might be slightly miffed at being classed as a low-traffic blog, as borev is now in the top echelons of technorati rankings.

South-South Cooperation
A recent find. This blog examines the relationship between South America and Asia, with particular emphasis on trade links between my continent and China. Some posts are links to related news stories, but others are incisive blogs by the author himself. I've read plenty of things on that blog that would have passed me by and I've found useful in my working life. A good way to gauge China as a rising force in Latin America.

Ecuador Mining News
If you want to know what's happening in that country's mining scene, this site is all you need to know. Silvia Santacruz does a great job of informing the outside world about the shifts in the political scene, and is firmly in the pro-mining camp. Recommended without hesitation.

Abiding in Bolivia
Wonderful blogging. Duderino is pro-Morales with a vengeance, and is the best possible antidote for the uninformed anti-Evo propaganda nearly always served up to English speakers wanting to learn about Bolivia. Guaranteed to amuse and make you say "well...I didn't know that" on every visit.

Spanish Blogs
Memorias de Gregorio Samsa
Jürgen Schuldt is professor of economics at Peru's Pacific University. At his blog, he combines his deep experience of Peruvian macroeconomics with the sharpest eye for political issues and a large dose of humour. Strips the BS away from the issues, and leaves you with the facts. He teaches a bunch of very lucky students.

Otorongo No Come Caballo
This translates as "Jaguar Doesn't Eat Horse", and although it sounds weird it makes sense in the Peruvian mythos. This blog is proof that all is not lost in Peru, with a young blogger who engages topical political issues with intelligence and wisdom beyond his years.

Actualidad Economica del Peru
Another Peru economics blog, but populated by all the bright minds in one place. Bruno Seminario runs the shop and contributes with his own well-crafted notes. A wealth of source material and references to give a wide.ranging view on the topic.

Los Tres Chiflados

"The Three Stooges" in Spanish, and now run by six Argentine economists who often end up fighting over issues amongst themselves. The blog has a big following in Argentina, and the authors (although they remain ostensibly anonymous) are often quoted in the country's mainstream media. Lively comments section, too. Your first stop for Argentine economic (and political) debate.