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I had to read it twice

Do you know the muffin man?

On this link you'll find an interview of Rafael Correa done by Radio Netherlands Worldwide (a world service for tall thin people who wear orange). The reason I had to read it twice? It's fair. It was so bizarre to read a balanced article about Studmuffin in the English language, and your gobsmacked Otto strongly recommends that you click that link above and do the same. Highlights include:
  • Somebody actually writing in English the fact (remember facts?) that Correa is in fact popular in his country (somebody apart from me, that is).
  • Rafa explaining what equality really means in Ecuador, and how indigenous revenge on the criollos won't happen on his watch.
  • How Ecuador spends a hatful to patrol that now famous border with Colombia while its neighbour just throws bombs over it.
  • How Ecuador is different from Colombia, Peru and Bolivia because it has an anti-cocaine policy that actually works.
Radio Netherlands Worldwide don't just paint everything rosy, though. They do what journalists are supposed to do, i.e. give you both sides of the story and let you decide yourself. Nice to know somebody still cares about things like that, so applause and kudos to you Dutch guys. By the way, the 60% approval mentioned in the article does go against the very latest opinion polls a tad. In May/June Correa was down to 53% approval, but in the June/July poll published yesterday Studmuffin clicked up a point to 54% approval. If you look back at the last 20 years of Ecuadorian politics, you'll understand above 50% after a year in office is quite an achievement there.