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New site sponsor (Fortuna Silver, FVI.v)

As mentioned previously, I don't just grab the first easy dollar available when it comes to site sponsors. But when it comes to potential junior miners advertisers, I'm triple-picky. So you'll note that one of the stocks that I have recommended previously has decided it's a good thing to have better presence at Otto's humble corner of cyberspace, and as of today is advertising here.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) is an excellent long-term investment. I said it before the company decided to advertise here, and I'm saying it now. Out loud. Not only is it a profitable producing miner with oodles of growth baked into the pipeline, but it also has an exemplary attitude towards its staff and its environmental and social surroundings. The respect the company gets from its employees and neighbours is earned, not demanded. This is a corporate attitude that is worth emphasizing, as it is sure to pay great dividends in the future.

By clicking on the ad (or right here) you can check out the company website, and I strongly recommend you do so and find out more about Fortuna Silver. And if you decide to contact the company to find out more, you are sure to encounter a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful IR dep't.

Thank you for your attention.