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Resignation Sweepstakes: The new Argentina game

After the unprecedented success of out "SoyaWars™" series which managed to keep going for no less than 126 days, today we shift slightly and start the "Resignation Sweepstakes". The rules are simple; just pick the Argentine politico who will resign, get the boot, or even disappear (ahem) first. To help you out, photos and offered prices come at no extra charge. ¡Buena suerte!


Alberto Fernandez 8/11 favourite
Tough life......

Our current frontrunner is Cabinet Chief Alberto Fernandez. Last seen Friday almost literally running out the door of the 'Casa Rosada' after declaring the export tax law null and void, he's likely to be the victim of his own fat mouth. Otto reminds viewers of his near legendary foot-in-mouth line from July 3rd, which compares to the casting vote made by Julio Cobos that shot the law down.

" (Julio Cobos) has no legislative function, no vote, no opinion...can't do anything like that..."

Red hot favourite to "spend more time with the family".


Julio Cobos 6/4
Hello? Job centre? Julio here........

Second favourite is the soon-to-be-ex VP Cobos. You don't need to be a close follower of Argentine politics to know the guy is toast sooner or later, but the game is to identify the first to go, so at the moment Alberto F edges the Mendoza man. He's quoted in Clarin this morning as saying he'll phone Klishtina in a few days for a chat. Not a likely candidate for "love call of the year", gotta be said.


Guillermo Moreno 3/1
Moreno displaying his usual attitude to dissenters

Minister of Interior Commerce, ouster of Lousteau, attack dog supreme and one of Neshtor's loyal minions in the Klishtina gov't. Moreno has been hitting headlines for some pretty ugly scenes in restaurants recently, as he threatened to hit other diners and his wife slapped another woman across the face in some scene or other. If Klishtina decides to purge her cabinet of Neshtor-ites, Moreno will be first to go.


Julio De Vido 5/1
Guess which one is Julio?

The minister for interior planning (i.e. the dude responsible for the energy disaster in the country) is another loyal Neshtor-ite. He's slightly less likely to get the chop as Klishtina likes the guy, too. Still makes the list though, as the whiff of corruption has been hanging round the guy for years. Klishtina could send a message that no one is indispensable by letting De Vido 'enjoy early retirement'.


Graciela Ocaña 20/1
No snarky comments here. Graciela's ok

Not the most mediatica of the current ministerial show and many would expect to see Anibal Fernandez or some other talking head on the list, but Otto has a sneaky feeling Graciela may be under pressure. Argentina's Health Minister has done a fairly good job so far...gotta be said, but she may be coming in for some flak very soon. The pre-paid medicine companies are about to raise coverage prices by an average of 15% "to cover costs" and if there's one thing we know about the Teflon couple, we know they love a sacrificial lamb when things go wrong. As for that 15% number to cover costs, strange how this gov't insists that inflation is only running at 8%, innit?


Klishtina Fernandesh de Kirchner 100/1
Amazing what a bit of make-up can do, no?

The Prez herself is a rank outsider at the moment. Very unlikely to see her do a full Evita and sacrifice herself in public, however much she tries to emulate Doña Duarte in other ways.


Neshtor Kirchner 10,000/1
A month is a very long time in politics....

As President of the Peronist (PJ) party, he certainly has a post from which to step down, but the very thought of Neshtor giving power away voluntarily is laughable. More likely to be hit by lightning while crossing the Atacama desert.


Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!