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Snippety stuff (slow realization edition)

Petrobras workers weren't joking, and today started their threatened five day strike (want more pay...original). The world might begin to remember that PBR is a state-controlled company now?

Shougang and Cerro Verde are two big mines in Peru, and they've decided to celebrate the swearing in of a new Finance Minister by going on strike, too. Beats me why these radical communists are so obsessed about earning more money, Alan...wanna explain that one to me, lardarse?

Here's the mainstream media version of the new Peru Finmin. Dry as dust with lots of words about his IMF years, but not a mention of the lacklustre results of that record. Personally I prefer my version from yesterday (but I would though, wouldn't I?).

Looks like the mega-freddie-fannie bailout is on, and I'll be buying a few of my bugbear stock, MELI, at the open. Never fails to amuse me how mortgages in the states stop people buying I-pods online in Argentina.

Mexico's flag has been voted "the world's most beautiful flag". This simply means more Mexicans bothered to go to a website and click to vote than any other country. Second place was Peru, and third place Guatemala, which also shows that latinos are the only people who actually care about shit like this. ¡Vivaaa!