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SoyaWars™ : more twists than Chubby Checker

Julio Cobos last night, read the jobs
section of the local newspapers

On getting tired I went to bed last night, not thinking for a minute Cobos would have the internal fortitude to vote against the government.

Those au fait with Argentine politics understand what kind of something has just happened here. This simple "no" vote has brought a full-scale crisis upon Klishtina's govemment. Julio Cobos is now not the soon-to-be ex Veep of Argentina, but the soon-to-be-crucified Veep of Argentina. In the context of Argentine politics, this vote against the gov't proposal by the VP of the country is nothing short of sensational.

The reaction in the Agro boyz HQ
(click to enlarge)

The biggest loser may be Alberto Fernandez, Klishtina's cabinet chief and main line of defence. How he must be regretting saying this on July 3rd:

" (Julio Cobos) has no legislative function, no vote, no opinion...can't do anything like that..."

I've checked in with friends in Buenos Aires this morning, and they say everyone's saying "Wow! What happens now? Nobody expected this. Cobos has real balls" and et ceteras. But one thing is clear; Klishtina has been seriously damaged by this Cobos decision.