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Trading Post (fill yer boots edition)

Fortuna (FVI.v). Yesterday was the nibble, today is the bite. Loading up here. Another batch of fish in dry barrel. See you at $3!

Amerigo ( shot out the gate to $1.45, but fell back to $1.39. A great place to add some. Here's the link to today's overview post. The official results come out end of this month. Pays good divis, too.

Southern Copper (PCU) at U$30.87 (works out at sub $93 pre-split). That cheap enough? Yep!! Re-entering here. The same ST trading chunkette used before, with a $34 target pencilled in. Frankly, I'm better at this stock than MELI, and gonna stick with what I know.

Telecom Argentina (TEO): In any normal world, the announcement yesterday of a gov't approved 9% hike on cellphone tariffs would send this stock sailing higher. But this isn't a normal world, this is Argentina. TEO is best described as "best of a bad lot" as Argentine stocks go.

UPDATE: Got all the FVI I wanted at under $1.40. This is a chunky bet. Rien ne va plus, mesdames et messieures