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Trading Post (good, bad and ugly edition)

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Category One (Good)

Gold Hawk (CGK.v) Since writing up on the stock last week CGK is up 18%. A nice start. Here's the long post that sums up the risks and rewards and present situation on this play. On balance, it's worth a slice of your high beta non-needed money at these prices. Farm betting nein danke.

Net Servicos (NETC) is about the only trading profit I still own. I'm feeling greedy on this one and think it'll continue ploughing its own course. A real cash cow of a stock.

Category Two (Bad)

Aurelian ( at $4.80. Kinda tempted to nibble here, but let's see if something silly happens first. Own a lot of this already. Long termer.

Minera Andes ( at $1.21. This stock was written up favourably by the Coffin Brothers this month*. They say "buy on weakness". Waddya think today is dude? Strong?? That's why I like the Coffins...they know a bargain when they see one.

Category Three (Ugly)

Inca Pacific (IPR.v): Ugh
Breakwater ( Ugh
Farallon ( Ugh

Though looking back at the featured stocks here, maybe this photo would have been a better choice:
*I will not send you a copy if you write to me at otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com