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Evo sez, "You and who's army?"

The man wearing the hat has lots of tough friends, and one of them is Evo

One of the things that was missed by most observers in Bolivia today was something that didn't happen. Quite a few things did happen, of course.
  • Evo paraded with the Head Honcho of the Bolivian Armed Forces, Luis Trigo, who pledged his loyalty to the President and to democracy.
  • Three half moon governors have gone on hunger strike, with another five pledging to join them tomorrow (after a decent breakfast, of course). How will they ever reach Sunday without eating? The poor lambs...48 whole hours!
  • Evo made his final campaign speech in front of tens of thousands at the city of El Alto. Evo not silly, cos with a 90% approval rating there he was bound to draw a crowd, no?
  • In the speech he denounced his opposition as "civil dictators" and said that his 59% majority projected by the polls for this Sunday's vote will be beaten "by 15 or 20 points".
There was plenty more things of the same ilk on both sides, and you can check 'em out on Reuters, AFP and the other wires if you like. But the interesting thing that didn't happen was something that is normally straightforward. At the time of any vote, regional governors (prefects) have to sign documents that state they take responsibility for the civil obedience of their populations on the day before and the day of an election. However, four governors refused to sign this normally open-and-shut piece of governmental legalese (and yeah, before you ask, Santa Cruz was one of them......duh).

Is there something afoot that will finally show the autonomists in their true colours? A part of me hopes not and just wishes the weekend passes peacefully. The other part wants me to see the autonomists tip their hand once and for all and try something outrageous. Then if I were Evo, I'd take General Luis Trigo to one side and whisper, "Go get 'em, soldier."