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Good weekend reading from respected bruddasites*

Borev megasnarks (as usual) its way through the 329 non-com extrajudicial killings recorded in Colombia in 2007. The 329 killings represent a 47% increase on 2006. ¡Vaya proceso de paz!

Jurgen Schuldt points out the obvious thing that all the Peruvian politicians seem to miss about inflation; it's easy to pump having the lowest inflation in South America if you violin the numbers enough, but if wages don't rise the population is still screwed.

The Mex Files points out the obvious about the US border patrol; they are dickheads with zero compassion. Great story to prove it, though.

Memory in Latin America notes that the ESMA building once used as the main clandestine torture and murder in Argentina's Dirty War period has now been declared a national monument. Lest we forget....

Inside South America covers the ongoing clearing of Chile's border landmines, laid in the Pinochet period. Two notes and a good reminder that things really are getting better. Also gives a worthy salute to the brave but almost anonymous soldiers that do the tough clearance jobs.

*and sistasites, Lillie. Respect.