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Paraguay shows how South America is split

How many South American presidents will
be missing, Fernando?

Well, not exactly Paraguay, but the big inauguration shindig on August 15th shows status quo. That's the day Fernando Lugo takes over as President, and it ranks as historic because it'll be the first time in 61 years that the Colorado Party hasn't supplied the President. Even more historic is that it will be the first time in EVER...that Paraguay's presidency has changed from one political group to another democratically.

So a proud, historic moment for Paraguay and the continent, and one that should be celebrated by all, wouldn't you think? Not so, apparently. Taking a look at the guest list there's a clear message being sent.

Here are the SA countries that will be correctly represented by their Presidents
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela

And here are the SA countries that will only be represented by their Vice-Presidents
Colombia, Peru

Or in other words, a small-minded, political point is being made by "The USA's Friends" to Paraguay, its leader and the other assembled dignitaries. Sending Veeps to such a historic moment for Paraguay and the region is nothing less than an insult, and Presidents Uribe and Twobreakfasts ought to be ashamed of themselves. Cheap shot politics of the worst kind.