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Snippety stuff (hypocritical edition)

"The pile of BS coming from my mouth is this high"

The strong whiff of BS coming from Peru's gov't this morning. Ten days ago President Twobreakfasts assured the nation that inflation wasn't his fault and it was all those nasty imports that need their wrists slapping. Today Energy Minister Juan Valdivia announced a 3% hike in electricity tariffs that joins the 3% rise in water rates tariffs announced last week.

Bolivia celebrates its independence day tomorrow, but Evo Morales has decided not to attend the traditional festivities in Sucre because of threats made to him and his supporters by the local band of racist thugs. With the recall vote just around the corner, no blood on streets isn't a bad idea. Shame on Sucre.

Ecuador's bitter ex-fat controllers are trying (and failing) to muster up another round of indignation against Correa's decision to confiscate another batch of Grupo Isaias assets. The people who stole over $600m from their people are calling foul because two of the holdings are newspapers. The only people that will call this a human rights are idiot Oppenheimer and his band of merry propagandists, coming to a news source near you soon, folks.

Colombia's truck drivers are now in their 6th day of strikes. The unions are calling for contracts to be paid at the agreed rate and say 90% of truck movements have stopped in the country. Uribe better watch out, cos this is hitting the lucrative trade the country has with neighbour Venezuela. Betcha he can't wait for that railway service to get going next year.

Oh, and Gold sucks today. Nearly forgot.