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Trading Post (strictly juniors edition)

Dynasty Metals ( is really catching my eye at these low, low levels. A few weeks ago I wrote on the stock and said "neutral". Since then it's sold off heavily and now looks a good risk/reward long play, especially taking into consideration Minister Chiriboga's words last week.

Fortuna Silver (FVI.v) up a heap on last week's newsflow (2q08 results, the Continuum news) and the press release comments today. Volume lowish

Minera Andes ( down a heap on some block sales. These things happen. Dirt cheap and totally buyable here.

Mansfield Minerals (MDR.v) finally catching a break and up 17%. the market has treated this good junior very badly these last few weeks. A 'serious junior' that deserves much better.

Continuum (CNU.v) was trading at 5.5c earlier today, but the arbitrage between itself and FVI has now been taken and it's sitting at 6.5c. Looks healthy for the FVI deal, and good news all round.

Amerigo Recources ( solid on nice volume. Gotta love this company; strong biz model, smart mgmt and as icing on the cake, dividend yield is at 8.5% right here.

NB: I remind people that although my long term portfolio remains unchanged, my ST port is mostly cash and just a few positions. I'm still staying away from ST trading as I'd like to see more bullish confirmation.