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A welcome addition to the LatAm blog scene

I used to read Jack Chang's blog "Inside South America" (McClatchy newspaper group) from time to time and appreciated it (though he didn't blog that much, gotta be said). However now Chang has moved on and the same space has been taken up by Tyler Bridges.

Wow...Tyler is welcome on board! An old hand journalist but new at blogging, he's writing short, sharp and objective blogs about the whole region at a good clip. He obviously knows what he's talking about (check his CV to get a clue as to why). I particularly like the fact that the comments section shows lefties and righties both taking issue with his reports in turn. That's my kinda journalist!

So add it to your reading list, dude and dudettes. Here's the necessary link. You'll also find it on my links list at the right hand side from today.