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Doctor Evo Morales

"C'mon Martín...high five me...high five me"

Evo has moved up a gear and suddenly has the air of a statesman about him. Yesterday he sat down with the rebel prefects and, in a closed door session of negotiations, put forward ideas on how to heal the wounds recently caused. It's clear that this one won't be solved in a day or even a week, but the fact that the two sides can sit round a table for a few hours and talk in a civil manner is good enough for the moment.

Evo then says, "Oops, gotta fly", waves a cheery goodbye to the racist scum and does just that. Right now he's in Panamá meeting with President Martin Torrijos (I preferred his father, but WTFDIKA?) and picking up an honourary Doctorate from Panamá's National University. So from now on you can choose to call the dude Your Excellency, Mr. President, Doctor, or whatever other formal greeting you prefer. I get the sneaking feeling he still likes "cumpa" the most.