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Ecuador: The referendum "yes" wins

Happy Muffin

...and it looks like it wins by a mile. Early exit polls give "yes" at between 66% and 70% with "no" in the low 20s.
  • Cedatos, interviewed 40,000 people on exit and give Yes at 70% and No at 24%, margin of error +-2%
  • SP interviewed 3,500 people on exit and has Yes at 66.4% and No at 25.4%, margin of error +-1.5%
Interestingly, the number of spoiled ballots seems very low, with between 6% and 8% quoted. This differs sharply from pre-vote polls and indicates that the undecided voters went with Correa's "Yes" vote en masse. We have to wait up to 10 days for the official final results, but there's not much doubt about it anyway. Even the staunch anti-correa stronghold of Guayaquil has voted more "yes" than "no" according to the exit polls. A real landslide for Correa.