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Good weekend reading from respected bruddasites*

The Mex Files has written a book that's (and I quote) "destined to become a classic". To borrow from the blurb, "The first general history of Mexico to be published in English in nearly thirty years, Richard Grabman's Gods, Gachupines and Gringos is one of the only Mexican histories ever written with the general reader in mind." Here's the link to find out more and (hopefully) order your copy.

Memory in Latin America put me to shame this week. One of the most important acts of memorial in the whole region (and one I used to commemorate) is "The Night of the Pencils". I forgot to mention it. Lillie has two or three posts on 'Lapices' that explain everything.

At the Biiwii blog, Gary has been doing a great job keeping us informed about the Paulson Bernanke toxic sludgefest. This site is highly recommended for those who want an intelligent and balanced view on investments and trading.

Da Borev has been doing a far better job of following the Antonini suitcase trail in Miami than I have. Here's the latest installment which gets us nicely up to date (with the snark we lurve).

At Trend and Value, Lucas is focussed on Gold. Nice, optimistic chart awaits you there, too.

I'd been wondering where South-South Cooperation had disappeared to; it turns out he was ocean-hopping and is now on the other side of The Pacific. Doing a nice job, too, and noting good stories that affect the LatAm/China trade relationship. Nice to have you back, Benito.

Abiding in Bolivia has noted the same as here; Reuters is doing a good job of covering Bolivian issues. He also stands up and applauds IPS for its coverage.

*and sistasites, lillie