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New Site Sponsor: Vena Resources (

The new site sponsor is Vena Resources (tickers: Toronto Canada, Lima Peru VEM, Frankfurt Germany V1R), a junior mining company with many and varied operations in Peru. Before continuing I'd like to remind readers that I'm choosy about who advertises here, and particularly choosy when it comes to juniors. Therefore, you can be sure that has my personal seal of approval as a company. I've written on Vena Resources several times over the course of the past few months, this because I like what I see (and that includes going on unpaid site visits to properties and being impressed by both project potential and teamwork).

Some basic bullet points on the company to consider as positives:
  • Projects covering gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, uranium and coal
  • Dynamic, respected, professional management and highly qualified employees
  • Important working relationships and joint ventures with international-scale miners such as Glencore and Cameco
  • Deep local knowledge of Peru, its socioeconomic situation and resulting opportunities
  • Near-term production start-up at its Azulcocha mine
  • Aggressive drilling campaigns at several of its project sites
  • Proven ability to raise funds, even in the current tight market
This is the kind of beaten-down junior that will not go under due to the present credit crunch. Its current share price valuation offers a tremendous bargain to both the long-term investor and the shorter-term trader looking for a small company that's ready for a sizeable rebound. I urge you to click through to the company website and find out more for yourself, or maybe start with the company's information pack, available at this link. You'll also find (as I have) that its investor relations staff (up to and including CEO Juan Vegarra) are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, so don't be afraid of finding out more straight from the horse's mouth.

Outcropping at Esquilache Project
Strong silver potential

Disclosure: I liked long before it became a site sponsor, and there is plenty of proof about that in previous posts. I do not accept advertisements from any old miner and I'm very happy and comfortable about the fact that Vena Resources has decided to support this humble corner of cyberspace. However I urge you to do your own due diligence and do not take this as a direct recommendation to buy their stock. Junior miners offer high potential rewards, but along with that comes high risk. Please be aware of that. It is important that you decide for yourself or take advice from your own securities advisor before making any investment.

UPDATE JANUARY 25th 2009: Vena no longer pays for advertising space on IKN, but I am continuing the advertising banner. This is because I applaud the company decision to cut as many non-essential costs as possible and I still fully believe is a good investment. Therefore this free advertising space is my small way of supporting the company in the future.