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News roundup

Ecuador: Looks like Reuters is finally catching up with Otto. Compare this post from September 5th "Ecuador: The referendum "yes" vote is now a lock", to the Reuters report today "Correa Set to Win Extended Powers." By the way, if you feel like having a bet with me I say the referendum "Yes" vote comes in at 64.5%. Any takers?

More Ecuador: Even though Copper Mesa ( has been given back its two concessions today, avoid this piece of crap company like the plague. This is the same entity that used to be called Ascendant Copper and used thuggery to try and beat locals into submission around its Ecuador copper project. Hell will freeze over the day these crooks build a mine in Ecuador and these people deserve jail, not your money buying their shares.

Venezuela: Two interesting stories from Bloomberg today. The first one details how Moody's is likely to raise the country's debt rating (from "fairly crap" to "only half crap", but it's the right direction I suppose). The second one reports on the signing ceremony between Hugo and international oil companies today. Special mention was made of the words Hugo had for Chevron (CVX), the only US oil company in on the deal. Chávez said, "To the directors of Chevron, to businessmen from the United States, the only aspiration we have is that you respect us. Thank you for your presence.'' Not a quote likely to find its way into The Miami Herald tomorrow. But perhaps the most interesting was the reporter on that story, Matthew Walter. Would the touchyfeelyness of the report have anything to do with the extended time Bloomberg New York has been spending on this very blog today looking at very recent posts about Matthew? I think we should be told!

Argentina: Klishtina Fernandesh de Kirchner hash...sorry..has been invited to ring the NASDAQ bell next week (she's in New York for the UN bash of course), but the greedy vultures from ATFA want the invite to be rescinded. These people have gone from a threat to a joke in the space of two years and have no chance of getting paid out on their PR scam.

Bolivia: In a show of strength that says "Get the Message, dumbasses", Bolivian miners today staged a march in Cochabamba to support their prez, Doctor Morales. To make sure they had the medialuna scum's attention they all marched holding a stick of dynamite.