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Not much posting today....

...... because there wasn't much point. I mean, did you want yet another opinion on Lehman, Merrill, BofA, AIG, WaMu etc?

No, I didn't think so.

As I'm bought in right now, if I'd stayed by the computer it would have been either to panic sell or to watch the pain realtime. Neither option was in the least bit attractive. So rather than self-flagellate while waiting for the Unasur Bolivia summit to start (it's on now, but kicked off an hour surprises) I turned the machine off.

After taking my kid to school I walked to the centre of town (a gentle 40 minutes), changed some dollars for local currency (you think the dollar will get stronger? LOL!), had an expresso just off the main square and read the paper cover to cover. Then I couldn't resist checking the market and the mailbox for half an hour, so I used a cybercafé next door. A couple of quick mails shot away, then noted that copper held $3.10 and bounced yet reason to worry. Then another expresso and a fresh orange juice.

Then it was time to pick the kid up from school, and after we went grocery shopping, played sillypeople with the shopping trolley and danced to the piped music together while buying rice, sugar, pasta, milk, Kellogg's Cornflakes (yes, SB) and all the rest. Then lunch in the supermarket café and home for after the bell (totally on purpose).

As I wrote in a quick mail to A.N. Other in that 1/2 hour online earlier, there's more to life than this sh*t and it's good for me to remember it as well, at least sometimes. And if your lunchdate was as pretty as mine.....

That's my girl (at a school dance one week ago) wouldn't be in a rush to get back to the PC, either.