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Table of the day

And this one is about Latin America. The data was put together by Merrill Lynch and displayed at economist and national columnist Miguel Olivera's smart blog about Argentine economics

Note the strong position of all countries in the reserves-vs-short-term liabilities equation (short term meaning less than one year). Even the worst ratio of Argentina is manageable.

The second chart shows just just how much the region has strengthened in the decade so far. Particularly impressive are Brazil and Uruguay (the quiet achiever). Mexico might have a recession foist upon it from its northern neighbours, but there's no Tequila Effect this time round. And if you need convincing on whether this ratio figure is significant, look at the 0.9 figure printed by Argentina in 2001, and then remember what happened to that country in late 2001 and the early months of 2002.

Bottom line: I'd rather bank with a LatAm Savings&Loan than the dubious institutions up there right now.