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US unemployment 6.1%

Y'know, I'm trying my hardest not to get sucked in by the US election yada, but when I see numbers like this then reflect that the Republicans are still being taken seriously in this Presidential election it all gets a bit Kafka.

However, it does go a long way to explain how a couple of guys can freeze a monkey suit in a block of ice, say it's Bigfoot and actually sell it.

Gold shot up $16 on the news. You'd better sell that spike, cos in the Pachakuti that you guys live in 6.1% unemployment will be seen as dollar bullish.

UPDATE: I've been asked already via mail, so just for the record "pachakuti" translates pretty fairly as "upside down world" in Quechua. Tradition states we are currently living in pachakuti, and that the time is drawing near when the world will be turned back upright (the year 2012 according to the Q'eros people around Cuzco, which coincides with the date pencilled in by the more famous Mayan calendar). Spooky stuff, no?