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Bolivia, and Evo just keeps on outflanking the autonomists

So what would you do if you had just won an important victory against your sworn political enemies? How would you react if the racist, fascist attacks you'd been suffering for months on end were finally beaten down and silenced? Would you gloat? Would you take revenge?

Not Evo. Here's a photo of Doctor Morales this weekend presenting 103 brand new ambulances to the region of....wait for it...Santa Cruz. That works out at two per department inside the Santa Cruz region, and the money for the donation came from a combined effort of Bolivia, Venezuela and Spain....yes, Spain. The photo was taken at the town of Montero, about 30km from the city of Santa Cruz itself. Hey, remember all that stuff Prefect Costas said about Evo being persona non grata in "his" region? Yeah, you got it...that was BS too.

When will you realize that you've been lied to all this time by people who call Evo the racist and the separatist?

PS: Just so you know, have a headsup, marking your card for the future etc; 112 indigenous rights organizations from 18 different countries have joined together and will officially lobby the necessary people to ask that Evo Morales wins next year's Nobel Peace Prize.