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Bolivia: Evo gets his law through Congress

The scene in Plaza Murillo last night

Evo Morales stayed in La Paz's main square, Plaza Murillo, last night with a few of his followers. "I'm staying here with the people. Without the law (passed), nobody goes home" was his exact quote. In fact he stayed with his few followers for 18 hours overnight in the Plaza until, just recently, Congress passed the law which states the constitution goes to Referendum on January 25th 2009, and then Presidential elections are held in December 2009. Evo can run in those elections but if he wins his mandate definitively ends in 2014 (part of the deal cut with opposition members of congress).

You have to admire Evo's style; however much the racist fascist crap known as the medialuna rebels would like to paint him as an ignorant country bumpkin, he's proven time after time that he's a highly intelligent, consummate politician that cares deeply about Bolivia, its people and its future. The last two days are pretty emblematic in fact; he joined the big march at 6am, yesterday, walked at the head of the column for nine hours and then camped out amongst his people for another 18 hours until the law was finally passed. The mutual respect between Morales and his supporters is impressive to say the very least, and many, many modern politicians of any or all political leanings would do well to study Morales' way. Total kudos from Otto to Evo.

Oh....I mentioned "a few followers stayed the night"; that "few" has been reliably counted at no less than 300,000 people who marched on La Paz yesterday and stuck around with Evo. That works out as 3% of the entire population of Bolivia camped out in Plaza Murillo last night, and if you need some concept of that imagine nine million US citizens turning up to march on Washington DC in support of their President. If that doesn't impress you, nothing will.

You still think Evo is in a position of weakness and Bolivia is "on the brink" as so many English news media services would like you to believe? Think again, and stop swallowing their BS propaganda wholesale.