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Bolivia: Look who came to dinner

So what was that again about the US non-interference in other country's domestic affairs? The lid has been blown off the US Embassy in Bolivia once and for all by this investigation published at the blog Bolivia Matters (with Hat Tip to Abiding, doing a great job as always).

Sweetly, leaked e-mails from the US Embassy in La Paz explain how ex-US Ambassador to Bolivia Philip Goldberg (the one Evo kicked out for meddling in Bolivian politics, supporting the medialuna fascists, working to subvert the democratically elected government etc etc) would decide on dinner guests for Embassy receptions based upon how much they supported the US cause. Here's a little sample of just one of the seven clear cases of US intervention in Bolivia listed. Go click the link to see the rest (including more evidence on how USAID is still subverting from its La Paz HQ):

"....the litmus case for being invited (to the dinner receptions) is the organization's situation as opposed to the MAS government (Ottonote; MAS being Evo's party) etc, as well as being allies of ours. The staff member goes on to discuss the indigenous organizations that USAID programs fund and how their principal demand is to strengthen those grassroots organizations to confront MAS."

When Philip Goldberg was kicked out of Bolivia he made a heart-rending speech about being innocent of all charges of political intervention. He also pointed to his expulsion as a sign of weakness in the Morales presidency. I beg to differ; it stands to reason that Evo is stronger after saying 'bye bye Goldberg', as Goldberg's sole intention was to make him weaker while he was there. It's really simple; Goldberg got caught red-handed. He got kicked out. He then continued to lie through his teeth to the world. End of story.

Message to US Citizens: If you don't like Bolivia's politics or attitude, don't go there. That's all. What's a country of 9m people stuck in the middle of nowhere gonna do to you anyway? Threaten to destabilize democracy by halting supplies of alpaca knitwear? Just quit it one time with all these world domination plans, yeah?