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Bolivia: The talks break down

News out of Cochabamba a few minutes ago is that the Morales gov't and the autonomists of the media luna region have not come to any agreement, talks have broken down and the meeting has come to naught after 10 hours of negotiations. Something must have happened, because earlier reports suggested that the two sides had agreed on 90% of matters and hopes were high for a signed agreement tonight.

International observers, including the UN, were at the meeting in the role of official observers. It will be interesting to get their take on what happened and why the process failed. From now, we can expect Evo to push ahead with the calling of the constitutional referendum without any compromise deal with the fascists. This one isn't over by a long way, unfortunately.

Oh, another thing. Morales is calling for Presidential elections for June 2009. Let's see how that one unfolds, too.